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Spartan Training is high intensity physical and psychological training application specifically designed for transformative experience, not only in physical condition, but also in personal development. I'm Millard Freeman, the creator of the Spartan Training system, whose structure accommodates those with various schedules and commitments, while not compromising on individual transformation.

The system's free weight philosophy contends that movements with high coordination requirements come first in order of strategic value and application. For example, dumbbell training uses less resistance than barbell training, but has considerably higher muscle recruitment and joint contraction and expansion capacity. Concentrating discipline efforts on dumbbell training will produce the desired end results, at a much faster rate.

In addition, participants need to understand the basic scientific premise and reasoning behind the system's counterintuitive approach to strategically positioning strucural free-weight and calisthenic activity, for superior results. The methods are safe, but not conventional in concept, because the important aspect is to develop thinking on a more expansive level when training, for greater empowerment. Peruse the rest of the site, and view our visuals as well as download our PDF flyer. Feel free to contact me for basic consultation.

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